Baby Room: - 6 weeks – 14 months (Ratio 1 – 3)
The baby room is situated on the ground floor of the nursery incorporating its own sleep area and large messy area. It also has its own access to the large play area at the rear of the nursery. Nappies and baby food are provided by the nursery. Food is either jars or packets etc, what ever the parents preference.

We ask that formula milk is provided by the parents.
Tiddlers Room: - 15 months – 2 years (Ratio 1 – 3)
The Tiddler room is also situated on the ground floor, again with access to the large rear play area. It has its own sleep area as well as a large messy area and separate carpeted area. Nappies are provided by the nursery.
Toddler Room: - 2 years – 3 years (Ratio 1 – 4)
This room is situated on the first floor with a large carpeted area incorporating a maths area, construction area and book corner.
It also has a large messy area with sand and water, a craft activity area and its own role play area. Again nappies are provided by the nursery.
Pre-School:- 3 years – 5 years (school) (Ratio 1 – 8)
This room has a large carpeted section which includes a
book corner, maths area, construction area, role play area and computer area. All this allows the children to have free flow of activities whilst encouraging play within small groups, as well as targeting specific areas of learning. There is also a messy area with sand and water, and a craft activity area. We offer swimming lessons to the children in pre-school and a PE teacher comes in to the nursery one morning a week. We now also offer drama (delivered by a qualified drama teacher) and music sessions (delivered by a qualified music teacher ) every week for the children.
Each room has core staff members to ensure continuity for all
the children. However from time to time staff may be required
to work in different rooms to cover for holidays, illness etc.